From Photograph to Print

One Print, A Thousand Journeys

Vibrant colours, subtle geometries and exquisitely detailed patterns - this is the Pam Weinstock lifestyle. Shaped by far-flung travels, every print is an ode to continents roamed and each creation is testament to a deep love for photography and exploration.  


The creative process begins with original photographs captured by Pam during her travels. Her fine eye captures the nuances of a moment, transporting you everywhere from the Tuscan countryside to the Imperial Palaces of Tokyo.


Each photograph is digitally elaborated to create distinct prints that reflect the Pam Weinstock aesthetic. Kaleidoscopic patterns emerge, each infused with Pam’s free-spirited energy. Our collection of 30 diverse prints capture everything from bursts of blooms to graceful fish swimming in tranquil ponds.


The prints are transformed into limited-edition lifestyle pieces for your wardrobe and living spaces, meticulously made to the highest standards in small-scale production studios located in the United Kingdom. Materials are carefully selected to enhance the colours and tones of each print and include fine silk, wool and cotton.

Our Story

For print designer Pam Weinstock, photographs are doorways into far-flung lands that inspire our every day. Transposed into her vibrant designs, they distil the magic of a fleeting moment to evoke a palette of emotions.


A graduate of Parsons, Pam founded her eponymous lifestyle brand in 2016. Shaped by her nomadic travels across the continents and her deep connection to photography, each creation is testament to Pam’s intoxicating love for exploration.


Bold colours, subtle geometries, and exquisitely detailed patterns define the Pam Weinstock aesthetic. Each print emerges from a carefully transformed snapshot taken from the pages of Pam’s travel albums, transporting us to places beyond our imagination. From the lush Vergelegen valley in South Africa to the casual elegance of an aperitivo sipped in Venice, every piece brings us on a transformative journey. 


Her dazzling prints evoke the colour-drenched streets of Marrakesh, the sweet fragrance of lilies in full bloom, and the splash of water burbling in magnificent fountains in Dubai. From photograph to print, Pam Weinstock is a tale of infinite wanderlust.


Committed to responsible production, all Pam Weinstock creations are produced in limited quantities in the United Kingdom.

When I transform a photograph into a print, I love imagining how the shades and textures will come to life. I create for the free-spirited, for the adventurers and the wanderers of this world - for those who dream of exotic lands while remaining grounded and connected to nature.”

Ultimately, Pam Weinstock is about colour-soaked wanderlust that honours and celebrates your own unique way of being.

- Pam Weinstock