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Salacia Travel Candle Trio Set


Three travel candles with our Venus, Fortuna and Anahita prints, in a box of the Salacia print.


Choose to purchase with our without a box of Pam Weinstock matches.

Venus: Moroccan Rose
Fortuna: Baies
Anahita: Orange Blossom

Our Wax is made from natural waxes.
Our Candles are Hand poured and produced in small batches.
Our scent is derived from essential oils

Our wicks are all soot free to burn cleanly.
All of our candles are made in the UK
Always trim wicks before lighting
Never leave a candle unattended
Burn for no more than 3hrs at a time
9cl Candle Weight: 177g
Burn time: up to 22 hours
Height: 6.5cm
Diameter: 5.5cm

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