Pam Weinstock is excited to announce the launch of her latest collection, Marigold, which bursts with the rich colours, celebratory flourishes and splendour of a vibrant Indian wedding. The collection of cotton wrap-around dresses, silk eye-masks, and headbands draws on Pam’s original travel photography from exotic and far-away lands, and consists of four bold new designs in her distinctive signature style: 
Marigold – vibrant patterns of frangipane and marigold petals at a stunning Indian wedding
Fuchsia – stunning clusters of bougainvillea flowers in full bloom at the height of summer
Royal Mirage – mesmerising swirls, whirls and reflections of a beautiful fountain in Dubai
Blue Palm – reflections of palm trees in a cool swimming pool on a lazy summer afternoon
Essential wrap-around dresses made from 100% cotton, making them light-weight and perfect for summer.
Beautiful sarongs in a range of colourful designs to suit every taste, made from the perfect silk/cotton blend. 
Vibrant looped headbands made from 100% silk and featuring an elastic strap for a customised fit.