Pam Weinstock

Pam’s passion for travel was sparked when she went on safari in Botswana and Namibia 15 years ago. Since then she has been exploring how best to share these stories of love, life and the romance of travel, an ambition she has now realised in the ever-evolving Pam Weinstock collection

Studying design and photography at Parsons, living in New York and Paris, and working at Katy Barker's legendary photography agency helped her hone her craft and she now travels the world with her camera looking for her next inspiration. She is known for her unique ability to capture rare and subtle moments of beauty, which imbue her collections with an enduring sense of mystery, wanderlust and endless romance.

“Over the years I’ve learnt how to discover beauty just about anywhere and it’s often these unusual and unexpected moments that are the most inspiring ... a chance sighting of a bright pink door in Charleston; stormy skies in Kyoto; a murky puddle in London reflecting beautiful clouds above when the light is just right.”

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